Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spanking paddle tutorial

A spanking paddle can sometimes be called shingle, apparently after its form, or be given names (rather like weapons in military and police units), especially when used in an organisation, that allude to its hot effect on the paddled posterior, such as ass-burner, butt-buster. Educators and children in households where a paddle is used for discipline sometimes award the paddle such nicknames also, such as “Lola’s bane” and “Mother’s little helper.” (Confusingly, sometimes non-wooden flat devices, such as straps, are wrongly called paddles, even in official institutions.)

For a paddling various terms exist, some referring to wood, the usual material, such as giving wood, the woodshed treatment [from the old tradition that such punishments were administered in the woodshed], or more general term for spanking, for corporal punishment or for discipline such as punishment, a lesson, (rightly) deserved, (hide-)tanning, medicine, therapy, etc., and even incorrect terms that strictly speaking refer to a different method of corporal punishment, such as a whipping; it is also possible to specify the anatomical target (thus indirectly affirming it is a form of spanking), e.g. arse whupping.

Boy fetish wooden paddle spanking

This nice round tight ass is about to be destroyed by a thick wooden paddle with holes drilled into it. This twink has a ton of thoughts running through his head as that paddle comes whistling down to deliver the first of many hard swats on his ass. It doesn`t take long before that fine ass is covered in a bright red sheen and this twink can definitely feel the burn as his ass is beaten again and again with that huge wooden paddle.